Attorney: Man killed during standoff at motorcycle shop in Neenah was hostage

Attorney: Man killed throughout standoff in motorcycle shop in Neenah has been hostage |

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NEENAH -- An attorney says the actual man killed throughout a standoff in a motorcycle shop inside Wisconsin Saturday, December 5th would always be a hostage whom died whilst fleeing your gunman.

Milwaukee lawyer Cole J. White, who says he's representing the family, in Sunday, December 6th identified the dead man as 60-year-old Michael Funk of Neenah.

White says he got the particular identification via state authorities as well as from Funk's wife.

White says Funk ended up being a worker at the Eagle Nation Cycle shop. White represented Funk as well as the owner of the cycle shop in a lawsuit against the capital of scotland- Neenah, based on WLUK.

Police say officers fired in a man which did not drop the weapon after leaving the building, but which he additionally might are already shot at via inside the particular building. Police possess not announced the actual identify of the man.

Shots were reported from Eagle Nation Cycles within Neenah Saturday, alongside using a statement in which hostages nfsw hack ended up taken. The man was taken in to custody after hours involving negotiations.

"This is each city's nightmare that something's likely to occur like this in Neenah. Fortunately pertaining to us, it didn't escalate into a bigger situation," Neenah Mayor Dean Kaufert said.

Mayor Kaufert owns a restaurant near the place exactly where the hostage circumstance turned deadly.

"We were way sufficient back, yet it was type of unreal," Mayor Kaufert said.

Investigators had been back with Eagle Nation Cycle -- a motorcycle repair shop about Principal Street within Neenah Sunday, December 6th, right after 1 man has been killed along with an additional man had been taken in to custody subsequent the hostage scenario about Saturday.

Police haven't introduced any kind of new details since Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson held a information conference Saturday night.

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The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division involving Criminal Investigation is actually investigating the particular officer-involved shooting portion involving this incident -- however spokesperson Anne Schwartz declined in order to launch any kind of new details Sunday morning.

Vehicles from the Appleton Police Department, your Oshkosh Police Department, the particular Wisconsin State Patrol and in addition the Outagamie County Sheriff's Department were also in the scene as regarding 11:00 a.m. Sunday, based on WLUK.

Police haven't identified the man who was killed or possibly the man who had been arrested.

Wilkinson said the cop was furthermore handled and launched Saturday following a bullet deflected off your officer's helmet.

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This just about all began in Sunday morning, shortly just before 9:00 a.m.

Police had been dispatched towards the Eagle Nation Cycle facility from 206 Primary Street to find a record of the person causing a disturbance.

Information received simply by police indicated a new male subject had fired a minimum of one shot, along with hostages ended up taken.

Officers secured your area, and further sources were known as out towards the scene, including: your Fond du Lac Police Department, your Appleton Police Department, the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department, the particular Wisconsin State Patrol, the particular City of Menasha and Menasha Police Departments.

Homes had been evacuated inside the location as crews responded to the scene.

Around 9:30 a.m., police received specific details in which hostages were within immediate danger of getting killed. Officers then entered your Eagle Nation Cycle facility to end up being able to rescue the particular hostages -- as well as these officers were satisfied along with gunfire.

One male Neenah police officer was shot by simply someone inside your building.

That officer ended up being hit throughout his "ballistic helmet," police say -- and also based on Neenah Police Chief Kevin Wilkinson, that will prevented the particular shot from getting potentially fatal.

The wounded officer had been taken to the hospital -- where he was treated as well as released.

Police say the male subject exited the Eagle Nation Cycle facility with a firearm, and also refused commands for you to drop that will firearm.

That male subject was then shot with simply by 1 or perhaps much more officers in scene.

Chief Wilkinson mentioned investigators don't know regardless regarding whether he had been additionally shot at simply by somebody inside the actual business.

He has been taken for the hospital, exactly where he died.

Police say that this man ended up being NOT the identical armed one who created the first disturbance at Eagle Nation Cycle, as well as reportedly fired shots.

The Neenah Police Department's "Hostage Negotiation Team" made telephone make contact with as well as negotiated regarding numerous hours using a 2nd suspect inside the facility.

During in which time, police say hostages were launched unharmed. While inquired for a certain variety of hostages that get been inside your building, Chief Wilkinson said "several," as well as indicated there were a minimum of three, and under 10.

Around 1:00 p.m., the actual male subject believed to get fired the original shots agreed in order to exit the particular building.

He ended up being taken directly into custody without incident.

The officer-involved shooting is being investigated from the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division associated with Criminal Investigation.

"I am glad that it proved of the identical quality since it did. We still finished up having a loss of life, along with it's tragic that that might happen inside our community. It's unfortunate that this happens anywhere. Tragedy can strike anywhere. The Particular reality for law enforcement can be even should you are in a small, rural area, an individual better possess training as well as equipment to become able to offer with 1 associated with these kinds involving things," Chief Wilkinson said.

An investigation will be underway in order to know what led for the hostage scenario -- as well as again, your DOJ's Division associated with Criminal Investigation will be leading the investigation to the officer-involved shooting.

Chief Wilkinson stated Saturday evening these at the Eagle Nation Cycle facility Saturday had been folks "who would typically frequent" your business.

WLUK spoke with Cole White, the actual attorney for the owner involving Eagle Nation Cycles, Steve Erato.

White says a new suspect in this case had marketed his motorcycle to a third party. In Which 3rd party ended up being obtaining the bike labored on in the shop. Yet the actual suspect made your decision he wanted the particular motorcycle back.

"He arrived demanding his bike again and also took hostages and additionally the situation escalated coming from there," White said.

White says Erato will not understand the suspect personally.

According to end up being able to White, Erato has been threatened from the suspect, however, not hurt.

"He was in any position to get to the basement with the facility along with secure himself away in the major interaction," White said. "But inside a sense he was trapped on your bottom against his will. It's a challenging situation. It's obviously any stressful and also emotional situation. and he's performing also as I think may be anticipated beneath all of the circumstances."

White says your incident left everyone concerned shaken.

Monitor FOX6 Information as well as for the extremely latest out of Neenah.



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